Testimonials submitted from students that have attended the 21 Day Detox:

Thank you so much for the 21day detox workshop. I never imagined that four Sundays could change my life so drastically. They did. Before the 21day detox, I was having an intimate affair with refined sugars, meats and cheese. If I wasn't eating junk, I wasn't happy. My blood sugar levels were always out of control, I was used to feeling tired all of the time and I thought the best way to address that was...more food, of course!

Now I know more about what's going on inside my body and what's going on in the food industry. After 21 days of detoxing, I've found a way to balance my life and really enjoy healthier food choices. Another wonderful side affect of the detox is that I lost 21 lbs!

I know there's so much more to learn, but I finally feel like I'm in control of my life (and what I eat) and not the other way around. It's all thanks to what you've taught me.

I can't wait to take the workshop again!

Thanks again!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. Thanks to Rich and John for all their help. I traveled from San Diego each week to make the class. Each class was more and more enlightening. I am a 53-year-old former Marine who has gradually put on 130 lbs. from 1972 until now. I weighed 120 lbs. then as a 19 year old, and now 250 lbs. I retired in 1994 at 200 lbs. and gained 50 more in 11 years. I fought cholesterol of 288 and HDL of 35, not to mention triglycerides of 230.

I have been taking Zocor, Niacin, Questran, Zetia, Mevacor and a host of others to control cholesterol, but they all had side effects. My joints hurt, as well as my muscles. My CPK reading was over 1000, and should have been around 100 or less. After giving me Zetia and Mevacor, and discovering that the CPK was so high, he immediately stopped me from taking the Mevacor, but advised me to keep taking the Zetia. I stopped them both during my detox.

With medication my cholesterol was 228 when I started the class. After 3 weeks of detoxification, along with one colon – hydrotherapy, my cholesterol dropped to an amazing 166. My weight also dropped from 250 to 235 in 4 weeks and I am still dropping.
I absolutely love the E3 Live and Dr. Greens. I also drank shots of wheatgrass each week at my local Jamba Juice. My doctor was amazed. He wanted to claim the credit by saying that the statins were lowering my cholesterol. I would not let him have that privilege.
I only had to detox form sugar and salt, since I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs or drink coffee. I was a sugar fiend, eating candy bars, drinking sodas, colas, and eating lots of white rice, potatoes and pasta. Once I stopped the disastrous habits, I began to fell better right away. I had my “episode” 2 ½ weeks into the detox. I had my runny nose, chills, and fever for one day as the last of the bad stuff left my body. After that, I was fine.

I still have not introduced red meat back into my system, and I don’t think I will do it. Again. I am hesitant to start that process all over again. I love the taste of green veggies and my health is more important than the joy of eating things that shorten my life.

In closing, let me say to anyone sitting on the fence” about the class. I would say don’t let your head get in the way…JUST DO IT!

You’ll thank the 21-Day Detox crew and me after the class. I could say more but my point is made 21-Day Detox rocks!


Jessie Ramsey

“Listen to your body.” I can’t tell you how many times and from how many different enlightened souls I’ve heard this advice from, but to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t ever sure what to make of it. It sounded good but sometimes I couldn’t hear what my body was saying. At other times, the messages came fast and furiously and in contradictory ways, that trying to make end or tails of them felt beyond my capacity.

Now, I get it. I couldn’t comprehend what my body and mind wanted because I was too busy filling it with quick, short-term chemical fixes: the morning “upper” (coffee), the “feel good “ pacifiers of refined carbohydrates or the end of the day ”relaxant” (wine). Fears were confronted (and I’m not just talking about the visit to the colon hydro- therapist) decisions were made and a deep sense of self was secured. While your materials and lectures kept me going emotionally. I am so grateful for the experience.

Thank you for touching my life,

Hillary Rhodes

Guys what you do is so profound! I lost 25 LBS. and I feel so much more energized. I have found a new way of eating and a new beginning. Life really does start at 40. Dr. D and John Wood maake the classes a lot of fun while being so informative. I have the tools to use for the rest of my life.

Thanks Guys - I will be Back

- Norman Clark

My mind feels peaceful and calm.
My body feels well rested and relaxed.
My spirit is bursting with energy!
I loved every moment of the detox- the ups and the downs.
I'm thrilled to choose more consciousness and more awareness in all aspects of my life.

- Matt Herman

This was just the right program for me to participate in at this time. I wanted to get back to a veggie diet and clean my system, and also learn to do a fast. This was just challenging enough to get me over a few bumps in the road, motivating enough to get me to stick with the program, helpful in looking at new combinations of food.

The transitions from week to week were a bit abrupt for me, so I transitioned a bit less strictly. The recipes were helpful, but a bit rich for me - I am used to separating my foods more. I found the raw food week the roughest- no pun intended.

I was delighted by the clarity in my mind and that while feeling hungry at times I never craved sugars/starches like I thought might happen-nor did I experience many side effects (only 2 difficult days)

Thank you for your support and kindness!!


- Ann Barbour

I really enjoyed this experience, I had been wanting to change my eating habits but never thought I would be able to take it this far. I liked learning about what foods were good to buy and knowing what to do with myself when I walked into the health food store.

This program worked real well for me because the first week allowed us to have some fun with cooking plant based foods and the gradual process made it easier to go all the way fast. I've been much more interested now in what I put into my body and am so inspired to explore the world of healthy food. I have had much more energy and have started so many projects that I've put off forever.

I thought it was just me but I've heard a lot of people say they feel lighter, and I do - not just physically either. Its Nice. Thank you so much for letting me into the program. It?s a really good thing.

Much love,

- Christine Mason

I was so looking forward to doing this and am partly sad that it is over. I am excited to chew my food though. I thought I knew a lot about health and about what my body needs, but-I learned quite a bit more. I'm a sponge- I love to take in info! Not only did I follow the plan 98% but I did colon hydrotherapy as well. I cannot believe how much "stuff" came out of me! I am very happy for many reasons-

-I lost weight
-My blood sugar is more controlled
-My appetite has decreased
-I have so much energy even (people used to compliment me in my energy level, but now watch out!)
-I am more aware of a lot of functions my body performs
-I am able to control my hunger "pangs"

I have enjoyed, and it helped me, easing into each stage of the detox with the manual and the meetings, and going from veg to raw to juice and slowly back.
I did goof up and ended up eating a small handful of corn nuts yesterday and felt gross. I am so happy it made me feel this way.

Any way, I am excited for a good friend of mine to go through the program next month. I'm sure she will be as happy as I am.

I look forward to my new outlook, my new way of more energetic, smaller portions and more aware of life.

Thank You

- John and Doc
- Janet Saunders

Wow! These last three weeks were great!

This was one of the best gifts that I have given myself. I feel more balanced in my health and feel that I have a better understanding of how I want to obtain health and lead a healthier life. Over the past three weeks I lost weight (one inch in my waist) I lost cravings for sugar, caffeine and animal products and my skin cleared up.

During the last week people have been stopping me and asking me what I am doing & encouraging me to keep doing it. I also noticed a change in my emotions. I did have some emotional swings but all in all I woke up happy.
I did have some side effects- migraines- fatigue. Also during the last week I had some trouble concentrating. I was not able to exercise as much as I usually do. I really had to slow down.

One other comment, the transition from animal products, to raw foods, to a liquid diet made it easier than I thought. I have never been able to fast for even 1day before & I was able to do the whole liquid diet.

Thanks for everything!

- Nicole Landau

I have just completed the first 21-Day Detox class held in West Hollywood.

What a great experience! Our health coaches who designed and presented the detox program were Richard DeAndrea MD, ND and John Wood. And what an awesome team they are. Their combined knowledge and experience lends a strong foundation for the class to unfold over a three-week period.

Dr. DeAndrea and John are both very supportive and helpful throughout the
program. There is a true desire to see all that participate succeed and
every measure has been taken to ensure just that. Excellently researched
education materials support each week of the program.

The visual presentation that accompanies each of the lectures is just as
thought provoking as the educational materials presented. It is a journey
that will enrich your life and I highly recommend it to anyone who is
interested in investing in and improving his or her health.

- Marguerite Cooney, CN (Certified Nutritionist)

This program is the best thing I've ever done for myself!

Over the last twelve years I have read, and tried, just about every diet/nutrition/exercise book or program on the market. Weight had always been my focus and some of these programs were temporarily successful in helping me reduce my weight. I have now come to realize, however, that there is in fact a down side to focusing on one's weight, its called one's health.

I had never thought of myself as an unhealthy person that needed to focus on cleansing my body of impurities or toxins (especially since I was certain that I didn't have any) until eighteen months ago when my sister introduced me to the world of live food. It started with a book, then a lecture and a dinner, then more books and more lectures, and eventually I found the "21 Day Detox" program.

This program is very well designed for success, whether you follow it "strictly" or "closely." I was not sure that I could stick with it, 3 weeks can seem like an eternity when you're not sure what you are getting yourself into. But the weekly meetings were a wonderful support. I looked forward to them. I enjoyed hearing from the other participants as to their successes and concerns, and the information provided by Dr. DeAndrea and John Wood was pivotal for me.

The most shocking was learning how much we have depleted our natural resources, in a relatively short period of time to raise livestock for human consumption and what will happen to our planet if we don't change our ways.

What I enjoyed most- how good I started to feel almost immediately, and how much better I felt as each day passed. The weekly transitions from a plant-based, to live food, and them to a liquid diet were much easier than I expected. I slept better, and started to need less of it, my bodily functions were "Rockin' and Rollin,'" and I lost weight! Only this time I didn't sacrifice my health, I enhanced it!

Thank you Richard and John for pointing me in a new direction. I appreciate your efforts and truly believe that you will make substantial contribution in saving this planet through education of people like me. Keep up the good work!

- Holly A. Horowitz
Commercial Insurance Consultant
Newport Beach, Ca.

Wonderful experience!!!

Lost 12 pounds-Did the colonics (optional)-
Great-felt lite as a feather.
Changed my view on food totally!!!
Just on and on. All Good!!

Thank you both for the Great Gift.


- Tom Wagner

Well? in a few words?simply amazing!!!
Most noticeable thing was the abundance of energy! The mental clarity!

On the 4th "juice" day the elimination was, to say the least profound! I never expected that with being on all juice.

I appreciated the gradual transition and the guidance. Thank you for both your help and support and wisdom!!!

I've learned so much and am inspired to continue every season!

May you both be happy & healthy!


- Rebecca

I have just completed the first 21-Day Detox class held in West Hollywood.
What a great experience! Our health coaches who designed and presented the detox program were Richard DeAndrea MD, ND and John Wood. And what an awesome team they are. Their combined knowledge and experience lends a strong foundation for the class to unfold over a three-week period.

Dr. DeAndrea and John are both very supportive and helpful throughout the
program. There is a true desire to see all that participate succeed and
every measure has been taken to ensure just that. Excellently researched
education materials support each week of the program.

The visual presentation that accompanies each of the lectures is just as
thought provoking as the educational materials presented. It is a journey
that will enrich your life and I highly recommend it to anyone who is
interested in investing in and improving his or her health.

- Marguerite Cooney, CN (Certified Nutritionist)

I thought it was well planned and supported. The weekly meetings and lectures were very helpful and inspirational. I was able to follow the plan with few exceptions, mainly travelling the first week. The raw and juice week had some social challenge but was able to make it through. I had to travel two days of the juice week, but found juice bars a good source of organic wheatgrass and juice.

I lost 15 lbs. over the course of 3 weeks. My sinus congestion completely cleared by the end of week 2. A red and dry patch on my skin also cleared up. I have also for the first time been able to stay off coffee for three weeks.

- Gary Louis

Well presented and good information, support and guidance. Flexible adaptable program for real people in the real world. Absolutely doable- evolution not revolution.

Go to circumstances that I can't change or influence greatly, I have adopted the detox program to meet my need at this time by extending each part by one week. So each section is 2 weeks rather than one. By the time I get to the total juice part I will be in my own home.

Thanks Guys!

- Meredith Bernhardt

Last June, the company I worked for over 8 years relocated to Rhode Island. I was left without a job. Since I had been experiencing many health problems (allergies, hyperthyroidism, leaky gut, etc.) I decided not to work until I had regained my health.

Having a chiropractic education, I thought I could heal myself in no time at all. I went to the Optimum Health Center in September and October for one week at a time. I took tons of nutritional supplements, but I really didn't look towards food as my medicine.

During this detox I stopped taking most of my supplements and relied on foods too help me heal. I had never done that before and I feel so much better. My allergies improved a lot. Now I feel I can start working soon. I still have some sensitivities. I am so much better. I am so glad I did this detox. I no longer crave animal products. I feel more energetic. I also feel more love for myself, God and others.

This detox has truly inspired me in many ways. Thanks Dr. D!

- Letty Valle

+Very educational+

I learned valuable information every week.

For instance-
The info on osteoporosis + meat consumption- the acid causes bones to loose calcium
The live enzyme info also was something I was not aware of.
Live vs. Dead

This helped me be even more aware of making sure Johnny, my son, eats lots of raw fruits and vegetables-overall I got a heightened awareness of live raw food and my bodies reaction to processed food.

This course helped me strengthen my resolve to eat no or less animal products. This course helped me on my journey to find better and concrete alternatives from a veggie diet to a more healthy raw organic diet.

Thanks both of you for doing the detox

- Lori Butler

Hard! Hard!!

Challenging yet rewarding.
Confrontational yet harmonious.

Touched on good and bad sides- I was able to keep my mood swing in more of a centered and balanced place.

This program has enlightened my health awareness, eating and exercise. Knowing these alternatives is great for me. I am all too familiar with mood swings- I allowed myself to challenge them.

Awareness has been the key here. Dr. D has brought much awareness- and through awareness one can opt for change. John - with his blunt pratfalls balanced a serious topic.

Thank you both

- Antonio Viramonte

I am very glad I experienced this detox. The First week was a cinch for me and not much of a change from my usual diet. During the second week, I was surprised to have greatly increased energy. I no longer had to drag myself out of bed in the morning and could even stay awake late into the evening to work on the computer or whatever. Also, one morning while washing my face, I realized my skin felt different- moist and supple.

I enjoyed the raw food week. The third week, naturally, was more challenging for me. I fantasized about cooked foods a lot. I didn't like how the psyllium husks made my veggie juices "sludgy," so I put a bit less in than the recommended amount.

Also during the first 3 days of liquid, I went on a family trip to Mammoth. I was worried about whether I could hold out in the cold weather- but I did okay. After watching my family eat a couple of restaurant meals, I elected to stay back at the lodge at mealtime.

The water fast was difficult for me. I was okay until the evening, when my stomach felt cramped, and I basically sat on the couch all night in a hunched over position. I felt very weak. The next day, since I had to go to work I drank some orange juice and ate a small salad. I ate another small salad at lunch. Basically I felt "wilted", but after a few hours I felt better.

In general, I've lost weight and received lots of compliments on how great I look. I look forward to doing more seasonal detoxes-, Which I always thought about doing, but never did until now.

- Kerri Hikida

When my children were born they were raised on whole foods only. Their first food (other than mother's milk) was wheatgrass juice. As they grew up, they wouldn't drink it anymore. Because I have been going through the 21 day detox and back to drinking wheatgrass again, my daughter Danielle, now 15 1/2, is voluntarily drinking wheatgrass and liking it very much.

Today is the last day of the detox and we are celebrating with a raw food feast. But this afternoon I had to attend an all day seminar at a hotel where lunch was provided. When the waiter was serving the plates of chicken or fish. I asked if they had a vegetarian plate. Just as everyone was finishing up the waiter brought me a plate of vegetables with a blob of white rice. Leaving the white rice alone, I ate the suprisingly good vegetables (surprisingly because they were not overcooked- just lightly steamed) When the dessert was served, I politely refused mine, thinking nothing of it. It was only afterward that I realized that the dessert was something so mouth- watering, that under different circumstances I would dive into with great gusto!

It was a torte with strawberries and kiwis on a plate swimming in a creamy, rich sauce with little chocolate bits floating in the yummy looking sauce.

- Pamela Healy

The 21-Day Detox was a great experience. I have learned to eat the right foods. I lost 15 lbs.
My body retains water and throughout the detox it had changed. On the 3rd week I craved the food that we ate the 1st week and not the food that I used to eat.
I feel that the detox has changed me mentally as well. I am more alert than I used to be. I will recommend the 21-Day Detox to anyone I know and will do it again.

Thank you

- Judy Megidish

They say "tell it like it is" of course this is just the 21st day, but I am just beginning to see the benefits of this program. This is the best diet I have ever enjoyed-for healthy living.

I am lighter in weight (12lbs.), more alert, sleeping better, breathing better, more relaxed and more thoughtful in my selection of foods. I would love to keep improving my health on this system.

- Darryl Johns

At certain points I wasn't sure I would make it - but I'm so glad I kept with it, because I feel wonderful! I feel calm, clear-headed, in harmony with the world.

Physically I feel lighter, more sensitized to everything around me, more balanced, less prey to cravings and impulses.

I found the detox an excellent way to work yourself to a raw food diet, or at least a diet that contains more raw food. It is, be warned, challenging, especially the final week. But if you can stick with it, it's well worth it!
The results are quite profound.

- Jennifer Bernard

A great personal experience?a time to look inward and cleanse?great info given by wise instructors?thanks for doing this for others.

At the start, I really thought I was not going to pull this off. But the process of detox, the program so well explained and outlined, made it possible to stick it out.

Thanks I'd recommend this to anyone

- Guy Magar

These last 21 days has brought me to a reality of being in tune with myself. I can and will be healed of the wrongness within me and eat healthy doing it. I feel lighter and brighter in mind and body. Thank you John and Dr. D for reminding and returning me back to the natural Garden of Eden here on earth, as we know it.
- Brenda Davis

This was great! I am so grateful to you both for providing this. I feel even more positive, calmer and find the daily hindrances taken in stride. I feel my oral surgery was a breeze because of it.

A heartfelt thank you

- Dawn Philips

I firmly believe that John Wood and Dr. De Andrea have a winner here. I can't recommend you enough. The classes are very informative and fun.

Although I've been to the Optimum Health Institute for 3 weeks of classes, I learned a lot from you two. The recipes are easy and taste great.

Thanks for the extra years of life

- Richard Waner

In the last three weeks I learned a lot about nutrition, My body, my mind and myself. I have to admit that I cheated a little. Overall I saw a dramatic change in a lot of areas such as my weight, my digestion, my mood, my skin and I am sure that there are a lot of other things that I am not aware of inside my body. The thing I liked the most about the experience is the fact for the first time I had the conviction to do this.

- Terry Hoffman

I was nervous about starting the diet because I was very worried about giving up caffeine. Actually that was not as difficult as I thought it would be. It was more difficult to give up sugar. The first two weeks seemed very natural. I loved trying new salads. I was not a big fan of the energy soup. I also had difficulty with all the veggie juice days during the juice fast. Two days end I ended doing water fast.

This was my first juice fast, though I will do it again. I actually think I should continue with the juice fast a little longer; my body is not necessarily telling me it is time to go off.

I had some wonderful clarity during the three weeks. It was interesting to have my eating habits come into clear focus. I also began to see how certain cravings weren't related to a specific food item but rather my emotional state. True satisfaction would only come by healing that emotional place. I will carry on with many of the principles I have learned and put into practice over the last three weeks.

While I am not certain I am ready for a lifetime commitment to vegan eating, I ma going to try to stay vegan for another 3 months. It was an empowering and energizing journey.

- Kerri Stoughton- Jackson

It was one of the best experiences I have had on my journey to better health. The 21 days were helpful, gradually moving towards the final week of the liquid diet. I barely noticed changing from my normal diet, because it was so subtle. I feel my focus has shifted drastically in a most positive way. I am once again craving good healthy foods. I feel lighter, more energy, less stressed with a positive outlook on life.

John and Dr. D are born to do exactly what they are doing. Their loving and kind ways makes it even more worthwhile. The support you receive here is incredible.

Thank you very much.

- Ron Herbert

Thank you for changing my life- and hopefully eventually changing the way my husband, son and father look at food. I became a vegan over the last three weeks and I look forward to doing the full Detox next time around (maybe in May).

I stopped caffeine, refined sugar, refined white four and best of all animal products! I am finally enjoying food for the first time guilt free! It never tasted so good! I can't wait to throw my first vegan party to introduce the people I love to some great vegan recipes. I now sleep through the night as opposed to getting up 4- 5 times per night. The education was inspiring and invaluable.

Thank You
So Much

- Joanna McCollough

I'm 28 years old, and all these years I never thought about the importance of what you put in your body. Food will reflect at all levels. I grew up with the idea that fat is healthy and that meat was the food to be healthy.

With these experiences I realized by myself and in my own body the differences it makes and what it is to eat healthy. I feel great. I lost 10 lbs. My face looks cleaner from pimples, and the most important my constipation went away like magic.

The process wasn't easy, I had to control myself 100 times, but thanks to the support my husband and my daughter Anitzel gave me it was much easier.

I really thank all of you John and Richard for sharing these 21 days.

- Garciela Montes

The cleanse was truly remarkable! Allowing 3 weeks and a gradual decrease in the type of food we were permitted to eat made it easy to adjust! I loved the smoothies, salads and tofu dishes. Two weeks of energy soup was probably the only part that got to me. All in all, a wonderful experience. I learned a lot & feel so clean! My awareness about food and the environment was raised to new levels!

Well Done Dr. D and John!!

Thank you

- Nina Banna

I have been through a life changing experience!

I didn't think I would survive the third week, but after the first couple of days, I found the energy soup to be filling if not altogether satisfying. But the upshot is I have a new found delight in simple delicious food and hope to continue on with a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. My energy is amazing- I feel very light and profoundly peaceful. I had a few days of not feeling well during the third week but overall not as bad as I expected.; Once that was behind - I felt amazingly well. A thousand thanks Dr. D and John. Your lectures were truly inspiring. You both made a huge difference to how I look at food and the environment.

Again Sincere Thanks!

- Irene McConville

I really liked this cleanse. The classes were very informative anthe food made me feel great.

Going through the cleanse was an educational process and has motivated me to take a longer-term look at my diet and how my diet affects my health.

I have done a couple of other cleanses in the past, but this one really boosted my energy level. I also liked the fact that this cleanse is simple. There are not a lot of supplements. It mainly relies on fresh organic, raw , vegan food. John and Dr. D do a great job of making the class interesting and have a good sense of humor to boot!

Thanks Guys!

- Brett Doran

There are several features I particularly liked in this program:

1)The progression of weeks where we stepped down each week a bit more than the last. I found that this made the whole program quite easy. First week I was weaned from animal products. The second week I was immersed in raw foods and got used to some liquid meals. The third week of liquid fasting was a small step and my hunger was already abated.

2)The menus, buying lists and the trip to the health food store made the program very simple to achieve. It also made it easy to develop new habits.

3)The weekly meetings helped me stay on course and were " food for my mind" so that I could understand what I was doing and why.

Thanks for a great program. And I lost 10 pounds too.

- Michael D. Coleman PHD

En pocas palabras mi vida cambio a continuacion pros y contras de esta programa.
Tengo mucho energia
Me siento como nunca
Perdi 13 libras
Casi no me canso
Estoy conaente de lo y como
Ya no esto enojado
Extrano ciertas comidas y nada mas

No me queda mas que agradecer eternamente a John and Dr. D por haberme abierto los ojos

Your Friend forever

- Fernando

Hard! Really hard! Not to be attempted unless accompanied by sincere dedication. As a vegetarian, this detox was to have been a snap. It wasn't! Don't attempt it unless you can plan to accommodate the effects of detoxifying which can be extraordinary.

However it was worthwhile!

My blood pressure is down and miracle of miracles, I've lost my cravings for coffee and chocolate. My skin is better and I've discovered a new world of foods.

It was indeed a renewal!

- Sandy Sears

This is an excellent cleansing/detox program. Thank you! I particularly found valuable and helpful the booklet with weekly shopping lists and menus (so practical) as well as the in depth educational information presented weekly and the support of the meetings.

The gradual movement from vegan to live to liquids with weekly informational meetings worked very well for me. I lost about 10- 12 pounds, had a couple of challenging days in the final week, but love the lightness I feel in my mind and body & a new resolve to focus on a healthier eating and living regime.

Thank You

- Odile Nicolitte

It was an awakening.

I came to get healthier and I got so much more. I feel spiritually uplifted and my soul is soaring. We are forever bonded in the awareness of the light.

Thank you for giving me that.

- Nancy Agosto

I feel Great!

The program has opened my mind to so many things. The information that has been given to me the last 21 days- I am so grateful for. Through the last 21 days my body has gone through so many changes. Good & bad. I could see the detox taking action when my face broke out and my body felt a little weak. Then I got headaches and I was shaky.

So why would I recommend this life changing 21 days to someone? Well because through all the ways my body was releasing toxins, the positive and outstanding way I feel now can only be seen through my eyes and through my smile. I am going to recommend this to everyone and I thank Dr. D and John so much for putting this program together and opening my eyes to a healthier and happy life.

- Sarah Wolf

This was a first for me. I have never done any sort of detox before. It has been enlightening. I have enjoyed working with Dr. D and John since being on this program. I have had some major changes. I am calmer and handle things more easily. I am very pleased I made the decision to change my life. I am only sorry I was not open to do it sooner- however - better late than never.

Many thanks

- Rita Harris

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