The 21 Day Detox Program / Workshop

The 21 Day Detox is a safe and guided detoxification program designed to cleanse, rejuvenate and lose weight. For some, the results can be life changing. This program teaches people the basic fundamentals for prevention and self-healing, through nutrition and a restful cleanse.

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The 21 Day Detox is a technique that does not require expensive supplements, drastic diet changes or unusual machines. The success stories have caught the attention of the media with CBS "48 Hours," CNN Headline News, KCAL-9, Lifetime Television and The LA Times.

The workshop includes:

  • Food preparation
  • Group support
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Enzyme theory
  • Therapeutic fasting
  • Colon care
  • Energy medicine
  • Acid/Alkaline testing
  • Healthy shopping
  • The 21 Day Detox participants are put on a three-week program:

    Week 1 focuses on plant-based food, eliminating many of the toxins people receive in their diet.

    Week 2 moves you into a live-food diet with uncooked foods and two blended meals, which decreases stress on the digestive system.

    Week 3 is the liquid part of the program where the digestive organs get a rest and healing begins on a cellular level.

    The workshop offers 4 different levels of cleansing, from gentle for those with serious health conditions to advanced, for others who are already on a healthy path.

    The 21 Day Detox workshop is spaced by one week and held on four consecutive weekends. Each workshop class lasts three hours with a refreshment break. The workshops cover a wide range of topics such as food preparation, an acid/alkaline test, health food store tour, personal health coaching, nutritional medicine, enzyme theory, therapeutic fasting and the basic healing tools for becoming your own doctor.

    The workshop provides a motivational advantage for those that find it difficult to navigate the rigors of a cleanse. A question/answer session is heldbefore each workshop and helpful hints for avoiding health pit falls are offered. The course closes with a potluck feast for friends and family of the participants.

    Stage I - The Plant-Based Diet

    In the first week of the cleanse you will be encouraged to consume a plant-based diet. A move away from animal products will decrease the harmful exposure to toxins by as much as 50%. A menu, emphasizing organic whole foods, shopping guide and recipes are provided.

    In the workshop setting, health information on the benefits of plant based nutrition for detoxification are discussed. Class participation is encouraged. After the first workshop participants are offered a field trip to a local health food store where we discuss how to be a healthy shopper.

    Stage II - The Live-Food Diet

    In the second week of the cleanse you will be encouraged to consume a raw (uncooked) plant-based diet. A move away from cooked and processed foods will decrease stress on the major digestive organs and the supplements prepare the body for deep healing. An organic live-food menu, shopping guide and recipes are provided.

    The workshop topics include food preparation, acid/alkaline and and the use of a live food diet for detoxifcationa and rejuvenation.

    Stage III - The Liquid Diet

    In the third week of the cleanse you will be encouraged to consume a liquid diet. A move away from a whole live-food diet to blended food will give the digestive organs a complete rest and will supply regenerative nutrients to insure healing at the cellular level.

    In the workshop, the benefits of a liquid diet for rapid healing are discussed. The workshop also covers the practical application of reflexology, yoga, meditation and light therapy with scientific evidence to substantiate the chakra system as a healing tool.

    The final workshop meeting covers helpful hints on maintaining optimum health and a potluck feast. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the final day.

    This is a thorough cleanse experience. In most cases more than one detox is needed. The 21 Day Detox is a technique or healing tool participants learn to apply for any condition. The overall experience is designed to teach the basics of becoming your own doctor.

    Workshop Suggested Price: $199.95

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    Previous Workshops:

    Los Angeles

    Crossroads School
    1737 21st. Street (East side of the street)
    Santa Monica, California

    San Francisco / Fort Mason

    Fort Mason, Room C370
    San Francisco, CA 94107.

    There is plenty of parking available.
    This workshops are done on a donation basis.
    The cost for the workshops is normally $199.00 for first time participants
    and $100 for returning participants.


    Outrigger Hotel

    There is plenty of parking available.

    The cost for the workshops is $199.00 for first time participants
    and $100 for returning participants.

    21 Day Detox Home Kit
    This program is designed to transform your health in just 21 days.
    The kit includes:
  • 3 DVDs
  • 4 booklets
  • 9 oz. Dr. Greens
    ($165 value)

    The complete workshop is available on 3 DVDs! Hosts Dr. Richard DeAndrea and John Wood, ND, explain how to make healthy decisions at the supermarket, how to make nutritious smoothies, how to be your own doctor and much more.

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